MINI is the leader in two vehicle categories

MINI One tops the small car classification and MINI One Clubman is the leader in the compact category. These latest reports come from the German motor vehicle industry and suggest the greatest resale value retention.

Buying a brand-new automobile from the British company MINI is probably a sensible investment. Customers can be confident of driving enjoyment, personal style and exceptional quality along with depending on a particularly high degree of market value retention. For several years now, MINI vehicles have been among the leaders in the “Resale Value Giants” category publicized by “Focus Online”. In the most recent lineup, a MINI takes the lead in two areas.

The new MINI One 3 door is certified as having the smallest percentage loss in resale value among small cars, whereas the same can be said about the new MINI One Clubman in the compact segment. These reports are formed on tests conducted by the Saarbrücken market research institute Bähr & Fess Forecasts. This study evaluates the expected evolution in market price of present-day new vehicles throughout the upcoming four years.

Considering their unique merits and tremendous following, the two MINI “resale value giants” possess all they need to draw in a steep level of appeal in the used car segment. For the MINI One 3 door the industry experts estimate a resale value of 56.5% of the existing market value in four years time. The most recent iteration in the premium sector of small vehicles has already surfaced leading its category in preceding “Resale Value Giant” standings. So it turns out as no shock that “Focus online” comes to a favorable verdict this time around: “The MINI One is a sound investment.”

Subsequently the MINI One Clubman goes one step higher in the latest study. After a time frame of four years, this car is forecasted to retain a resale value of 58% of its original cost. The modern-day reinterpretation of a shooting brake in sedan style, two separate doors in the back and a functional interior was featured in the compact class assessment for the very first time and “immediately took its place on the winner’s roster”, as “Focus online” announced.

For the current “Resale Value Giant” rating, the vehicle selection was once again surveyed in a total of 16 automobile groups. In their outlooks, the automotive industry specialists take into consideration not only the characteristics of every vehicle but equally brand perception, performance in comparison tests, competitiveness in the targeted segment, buyer studies as well as standard economic patterns. Resale value comparison is an essential criteria for prospective new car shoppers before ultimately making a decision. When all is said and done the distinction concerning acquisition cost and resale value is a crucial price detail. The new MINI Generation does well here exactly as it does in regards to efficiency, thus providing an ideal mixture of driving enjoyment and affordability.

BMW produces 10 million BMW 3 Series Sedans

– Core model manufactured at four plants worldwide
– Landmark vehicle made at BMW Group Plant Munich

Munich. 09.17.2015 – The ten millionth BMW 3-Series Sedan has rolled off the production lines at BMW Group Plant Munich. The landmark vehicle is the latest milestone in the 40-year success story of the BMW 3-Series. So far the BMW Group has produced more than

14 million cars of this model series, more than half of them BMW 3-Series Sedans. Production of the new BMW 3 Series Sedan was launched just recently, in July of this year. The landmark ten millionth vehicle is a BMW 320d in Imperial Blue.

Hermann Bohrer, Plant Director at the BMW Group facility in Munich, commented: “The success story of the BMW 3-Series started here in Plant Munich and is now reaching a very special highpoint here as well. The fact that this landmark vehicle was produced at our plant is a particular honour for us and makes me very proud indeed of my team.”

As the only facility to have produced all six generations of the BMW 3-Series, BMW Group Plant Munich is seen as the leader for all the other facilities producing the same model series. To meet the many requirements of the various generations, the plant had to rise to new challenges each time. The constant modernisation and enhancement of production systems means today’s customers have a multitude of model variants and equipment options to choose from and can tailor their cars almost entirely to their personal specifications.

BMW Group Plant Munich currently produces 1,000 cars a day, half of them BMW 3-Series. To meet strong demand, the model series is also manufactured at Plants Regensburg, Dingolfing (both Germany), Rosslyn (South Africa) and Tiexi (China).

A success story begins

In 1970 BMW Group developers began working on a new model series that would later become the most successful BMW. To this day each new generation of the BMW 3-Series has consistently fulfilled the same requirements, coupling everyday versatility with contemporary design and a sporty driving experience. After five years of development work, production of the international bestseller was finally launched in June 1975. Just a few years later the first variants were added to the range as well. With each new generation, the BMW 3-Series has led the way and established itself as the vanguard of its class.

Driver training with the BMW i8.Two new BMW Driving Experience courses allow participants to sample life in the sports car of the future at the BMW and MINI Driving Academy’s training facility in Maisach.

Munich 09.02.2015 – BMW i has served as a byword for sustainability, future-focused mobility and visionary vehicle concepts since 2013. The all-electric and locally emission-free BMW i3 was Germany’s highest-selling electric vehicle in 2014 and has been an integral part of the BMW Driving Experience from the word go. With the BMW i3 eDrive Experience, BMW became the first premium car manufacturer to offer a specific training course featuring electrically-powered vehicles.

And now two new training courses have been added to the programme which offer the participants the chance to drive the BMW i8 sports car with plug-in hybrid technology. The BMW eDrive Experience shines the spotlight on electric mobility and the functionality of the BMW i3 and BMW i8, while the “BMW i meets BMW M” course is centred around sporty driving in the BMW i8 and BMW M6.

The two new courses line up alongside the BMW i3 eDrive Experience, in which the participants drive the BMW i3 exclusively.

This new training option allows participants to experience the fascination of BMW i to the full. Experienced BMW instructors provide them with a greater understanding of future mobility, at first in theory and later in practice. A special course has been set up at the BMW and MINI Driving Academy so that participants can experience the various driving modes offered by these trailblazing cars. And, in the highlight of the day, the participants get behind the wheel of the BMW i8 to experience how the combination of sports performance and exceptional energy efficiency feels first-hand.

BMW i meets BMW M
The two flagship models in the BMW i and BMW M model ranges are the stars of this new training course. The participants are given the opportunity to drive the BMW i8, with its plug-in hybrid system, and the high-performance BMW M6 in the same afternoon. The BMW instructors offer an insight into the sophisticated technology which guarantees the BMW i8 sports-car performance capability yet also small-car efficiency, before the group heads out onto the practical training area. The participants finish off by taking both models for a few laps of the BMW and MINI Driving Academy circuit.

BMW i3 eDrive Experience
This successful training course, where participants drive the BMW i3 exclusively, remains a fixture of the program. At the BMW and MINI Driving Academy facility in Maisach, the participants familiarise themselves with the BMW i3 and find out everything they need to know about the BMW i mobility and lightweight design concept, the car’s battery and driving characteristics, and service and maintenance. They then take to the wheel of the BMW i3 themselves for driving exercises on two training areas and a circuit, enabling them to sample the driving properties of an all-electric car and its technical capabilities. The positive reaction of customers to the BMW i3 course at the training facility in Maisach has ensured its status as a genuine success story.